Watch Together
| Watch youtube, netflix, hulu, movies, anime together

Quick Featurelist:

  • Browse the web together/Watch youtube, netflix, hulu, disney plus, amazon prime, movies, anime, etc together using Virtual Browser(with state save), Screensharing, Local Media Sharing, Synced Youtube Player(with playlists support)
  • Whiteboard and Video/Audio/Text/Gif/Emoji chat with images and file sharing(10GB file size limit through chat, and no file size limit through file-send feature)
  • Public/Private/Locked/Permanent/Persistent rooms and no signup needed for guests.

How to watch YouTube together:

  • Once you open a room on Mzelo, you can use two ways to watch youtube. One is virtual browser, and other is the mzelo's synced youtube player. You can use any of them.
  • Mzelo's synced youtube player loads the youtube's player itself, allowing everyone on their end to customize the quality. Also, it has rich playlists support. It has queue support. So, everyone in the room can queue and suggest next video to play. Then, it has favorites playlist. So basically you can like videos in the room itself and store all the liked videos. Also, it has history playlist support, which displays all the videos watched so far. And then it allows you to import external youtube playlist. So, if you have a playlist already made in your youtube account, you can simply make it unlisted, and copy the playlist link, and use mzelo's import feature to play videos. Good thing is videos autoplay in the current selected playlist. And once reached end of playlist, they will again loop from start of playlist. It also allows to search videos from the app itself.
  • Second way is to use virtual browser. Open Virtual Browser and go to and play videos. The stream will be perfectly synced across to all the users in room. Also, the unique benefit with this method is that you can signin to your youtube account directly. And keep playing your fav videos, as usual, and everyone else in your room will be able to watch it in realtime.

How to watch netflix, hulu, movies, anime, disney plus, amazon prime, etc together:

  • Open virtual browser, and since its a shared web browser across everyone in room. Anyone with permission granted will be able to simultaneously control the browser. And just like in a normal browser, you can literally watch any of these, or use any website for that matter. You can use twitch, watch instagram reels together. There are endless possiblities. Also, there is a vpn installed inside the virtual browser itself.
  • The good thing with this is only one person in the room need to have a subscription of the services such as netflix, etc. And others can watch together.
  • Also, you can use screenshare and local media share feature of Mzelo to watch and share your entire screen or local videos.

Some more interesting and unique features about Mzelo:

  • Rooms and chats, and everything is persistent. You can open multiple rooms at once, in different tabs. And be in different rooms at once, doing all sorts of fun activities using Mzelo's feature.
  • Do high quality hd video calls, audio calls with Mzelo. There are multiple layout options in Mzelo, allowing you to just focus on video calls at the moment, or just focusing on movie screen. You can experiment with everything and find the one most suited to you depending on the situation.
  • Literally best Rabbit alternative out there in . It has both free virtual browsers like rabbit and also the public rooms, and also ability to socialize with everyone on there, making friends, private dms, etc.
  • A lobby group chat feature, to chat with others on the webapp, and make friends, inviting for movie watchparty, etc. Dynamic realtime social media based webapp. You can see who all are online. Send friend requests. Chit chat with them in private dms or simultaneously with others in the joined room. You can customize your profile picture, room profile picture, etc. Its all fun.
  • You can share files, images, videos, audio, anything you can think of in chat with friends. There is file size limit of 10 GB when sharing through chat. And no file size limit through file-send feature.
  • Best part is admin(me :) ) , just like you is always active on Mzelo. So, you can contact me anytime if you face any problem or need help. Also any of your suggestions are most welcome. You literally can help shape Mzelo in real time. Also, you can join our discord server, there also we have our community. And connect with us there too.
  • Most of the time, there are some family function videos, private videos, etc. You can use local media share to watch them together. And again, sometimes you just want to share your screen and present something, etc. In that case, you can use Mzelo's screenshare function for that.
  • Again, one more awesome feature is virtual browser support state save. So you can keep your accounts logged in inside the virtual browser. And next time, you open your virtual browser, you will find it in exact same state. Else, it would have been annoying to everytime login to your accounts when you reopen virtual browser.
  • You get private rooms, which hides your room from public lobby. Also, you can lock your room, which will not let anyone stranger join your room. And, you can keep your room public, if you wanna hangout with other people on there.
  • There is no time limit, etc on room's life, or anything. You can be 24*7 on Mzelo room, just like discord.
  • You can use collaborative whiteboard, to draw with your friends, and have fun. Or, you can teach/plan/peer study with your friends.
  • Mzelo's UI/UX is really aesthetic and easy on eyes. And everything is pretty dynamic and real-time. Making you feel like you are really close with your friends, in the same room talking, video calling, watching tv shows, commenting together.
  • It can be used by anyone, anyone with the eyes to see, and make use of Mzelo's feature to their best use case. For example, for watchparty purpose with friends, or even teachers and students can use it for online classes, students can use it for group study, peer programming, etc.
  • Also you can moderate rooms perfectly with various permission levels. To be specific, there are four roles: Owner>King>Queen>Knight>Pawn. Owner can do it all. King can't kick owner. Nor turn on/off vb in a room if he is non-owner. Can do all except changing room settings, or kicking owner . Queen can't kick/promote people. Can take remote and control vb/youtube/screenshare,etc. Knight can't control the media inside the room. Can mic/cam. Also can send gifs/images/files. Pawn can't mic/cam. Can just chat
  • At the end, I would say, enjoy and have fun, and make use of the service to your best use case. And if you face any problem, or have any suggestion or feature request. I'm always available, to attend to your queries and suggestions. Thanks!